Phonees is an online sitcom created for companies to promote their products in a cooperation-based manner. This approach is similar to product placements deals in movies and television shows, except the company’s product or message is the plot instead of the two second close-up shot typical with most product placement deals.

By utilizing the Phonees web series companies have an opportunity to not only reach an untapped demographic but also show their products in a fun and creative way.

Phonees is a simple and straightforward concept. It is a sitcom based on a telemarketing company. Each week the plot changes as they try and sell products over the phone. Companies sponsor episodes, and in return they can choose what products are being sold and what message they want to bring to the viewers.

Besides selling sponsored products over the phone, Phonees can use the products in scenes to demonstrate the benefits. Each episode is backed by an all star cast and written by award winning writer Andy Cowan.

Phonees is a pioneering marketing solution for companies who want to reach a new audience on the internet and establish a presence that is innovative. By working with Phonees, companies will create huge visibility that will last a lifetime.

Phonees Advertising